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Merida stood on the balcony a floor or two above the ballroom, leaning against the railing and looking up at the sky. It was nice- quiet and reserved away, with the music of the party still faintly there. It was calming at least.

With a content sigh, the princess ran her fingers through her hair. Even in costume, it was her identifying feature.

Which was nice; half the people here were nearly unrecognizable. Masks and the like. Not bad, but not great for finding friends….

Hans smiled to himself as he walked around the Mansion, the gala very much reminding him of his younger years, when an eager young prince would wander between billowing dresses and stuffy coats in order to seize a sandwich or three.

She was easy to find, away from the blurring noise of the gathering on a balcony above the rest, looking out into a sky she could never roam… or just bored, really bored.

Quietly he stepped up behind her and poked her side, eagerly looking for a startled response.

"Did you think that this nice setting would mean you were safe from my harassment?"

/// What says royal like the ancient world? That was what Hans thought this year so at the CDRP Halloween Ball he will be strutting his stuff in something like this. Obviously he would have commissioned a much more fine design with expensive fabric and real leather, but you already would knew that I bet.

/// What says royal like the ancient world? That was what Hans thought this year so at the CDRP Halloween Ball he will be strutting his stuff in something like this. Obviously he would have commissioned a much more fine design with expensive fabric and real leather, but you already would knew that I bet.

/// Apologies for my spottiness loves. I will try and do some things here today now that I have some time. CDRP has another group even, the Halloween Ball (ah remember last years? Good times) and that means I may focus a bit on them over others but i still have my drafts so no worries! I am staying on the low for now so I can focus and feel less stressed. Anyway, onto costume searching for Hans!



It was probably the chocolate fondue~



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     ❝ I— I was only searching for the exit.
                Perhaps you could point me in the right direction? ❞

     ”Then by all means, I would love to help you out. I must admit it does get rather confusing around here. Follow me if you will milady.” Hans started off, making sure to keep an eye on the young women just in case.

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"Oh, hello milady." Hans felt slightly ashamed of himself, not noticing the young lady a second ago. "May I be of some help to you?"




"Not at all! Blood is everything in the Southern Isles. I am just simply astonished that merit means more than heritage in your kingdom. I have seen good and capable men die for not having the right connections back home.”


Hans decided it was time to lighten the subject though. “However, it seems you had the right connections as well. How fares your new lifestyle, Mr. Fitzherbert? I have a brother back home simply furious at your royal pardon! He claims you owe him a horse or something.”

"Everything, huh? Seems a bit petty to base all of your opinions on something so trivial. You can’t control what family you’re born into." And sometimes you couldn’t even control if that family decided to stick around.


He rubs the back of his neck, trying to decide if the other man is joking or not. “Well, I can’t confirm or deny such claims. I’ve been many places and done a lot of things — it’s all kind of a blur at this point.”

Hans smiled, his heart lightened at the sudden shift of conversation power he just achieved as well as the ambivalent state of the ex-thief. Despite the simple origins of the man, Hans was intrigued by his capabilities and beliefs more than that. Merit was something Hans valued more than blood as well. "I will tell him I did not meet you then, He will be suitably disappointed, but I like to think bygones should be bygones anyway."


Behind Closed Doors | with princeofthesouthernisles 


Anna was shocked. No, shocked didn’t cover it. She was appalled. Disgusted. Outraged. After all he’d done, Elsa was letting him come back? Had she completely forgotten that this was the same man who had nearly decapitated her? 

"Oh, he’s coming with his brother, and it’ll only be for a month. Trust me Anna, it’ll be fine. I’ll have guards following him constantly." Oh, yeah, it would all be fine, since an attempted murderer was going to be staying with for the next month. Totally fine, totally safe. 

And now she was standing nervously on the dock, busying herself by playing with her hands. Occasionally, she would sigh deeply, causing Elsa to shoot her a look. “Anna, please, try to be friendly. Polite at the least.” How were you supposed to be polite to a sociopath? Lock him in a room to freeze to death? Pretend to love him so you can take over his kingdom? Is that what Elsa wanted her to do?

Finally, Anna could make out the faint outline of a ship on the horizon. She immediately stiffened, and it was only when Elsa placed a hand on her shoulder that she relaxed slightly.

"There’s no reason to be nervous, alright? If he tries to hurt either of us, he’s a dead man."

Anna nodded nervously, completely silent as the ship docked. She wasn’t ready to face him again. She wasn’t ready at all.

That morning he wanted to never wake up, but lo and behold he did, the ship’s familiar rocking was no comfort to the reality facing him. Facing the Queen of Arendelle was bad enough, but if he was to be completely honest the princess unnerved him more.

Why though? Maybe the threat of being punched again did not appeal to him, or maybe it was the fact he felt out of his mind back then. So desperate, so hungry for power, it did not matter what was in his way.

Things were different now. He was not the same Hans. More tired, more defeated, more resigned, and very disinclined to revisit his past mistakes, especially since this whole affair was being forced on him. “For diplomatic good” sounded a bit too much like “making you suffer for your mistakes”.

Eventually he got ready and stepped up to deck to watch the horizon. It did not take long before Arendelle became a speck, a dark figure, and then a landmass full of life and past failures. The ship fit fairly into the docks as armed men stood at both his sides and marched him down the plank to the royal meeting party.

Despite the situation his face was calm and cool as he approached the sisters, eyes not wavering once as the distance shrunk down to a couple of meters.

"Salutations, Queen Elsa of Arendelle and Princess Anna."

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[Kisses fist & then punches Hans' shoulder.] You’ve got the kissing disease!! Spread it by kissing the next ten people on your dash. [Unless you don't do these!]


(“IT touched me! I think I might vomit…”)

/// Thank you! XD Yes I totally do these and thank you for honoring me with one! Hans is… overjoyed at the affection from Kristoff. That reminds me I still have our thread from ages ago, will get to it eventually! Thank you again!

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"Have you ever considered the crossbow Merida? While it is not your typical bow there are many perks to using one."




"Actually….no, I don’t think I’ve ever considered it. Not fer any reason other than I’ve been content with mah bow." Merida blinked a few times, before looking thoughtful. "Though….I guess it wouldnae hurt tae learn one, huh?"

Smirking, the princess crosses her arms and cocked a hip. “If yer up fer the challenge o’ teachin’ me, maybe I’ll learn it.”

The smile he gave her was definitely one of mischief. “I could teach an elephant to dance and a leopard to sing. Teaching you to fire a crossbow is not going to be much of a challenge.”

He went back to his case behind them at the archery range, opening it up to reveal his one personal crossbow, heavily detailed and lovingly crafted to punch a hole through all but the heaviest of armor (or else it would be much bigger and that would not do).

"Behold… my own personal crossbow. I decided to bring it just in case since my rifle would have been a bit overkill here."

"Ye seem very confident in thot; though, I suppose I ought tae be grateful. A teacher never gets anywhere if they’re not sure they can teach it." Uncrossing her arms, the princess tilted her head as she watched him pull out the device. It was odd- it did the same thing her bow and arrow did, but in a more…

Perhaps ‘advanced way’ would be the proper way to explain it. 

"Fair enough," she said slowly, then laughed. "I don’t know whot ye expect tae incounter ‘ere, but…suppose it doesnae hurt." Stepping aside, Merida looked around for a moment. "…Alrig’t. We’ll use the target up there fer where we’re aimin’. So ‘ow do ye want tae start, oh teacher o’ mine?" 

A devilish grin crossed his face, one he reserved for those perfect moments when he knew he was simply right. She had never encountered one of these beauties before, a shame in his opinion but one he would remedy. Stepping up to the range he carefully cocked it back into a primed position and placed a bolt into it.

Quietly he observed the conditions. Wind good to the left, distance about fifty feet for simple practice, Merida amusingly doubtful of his boast. All that was left was the demonstration.

Putting it up to his eye he carefully aimed for a couple of seconds before releasing the bold with a sharp “TWANG” and sending the bolt straight into the middle red zone with a devastating shot. Not dead center but he was simply warming up. He lowered it and flashed a polite smile at Merida. “Well?”

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♖:Having their hair washed by your muse


"Wil you sit still, Hans? You can’t wash your own hair with a broken arm." Put in charge of the sullen prince by his older brothers, the soldier was having to fight him on everything. A man used to doing things for himself wasn’t taking easily to a woman helping him. Exasperated, she flicked some soap in his face before returning to washing his bright ginger hair.

He clearly had no response, and he sat there sulking for the rest of the hair-washing. “Oh, stop that. You know it feels better than having it dirty.” Usually he took such pride in his hair- but that was his business, not hers. 

He was a proud man, terribly so in fact despite his charming mannerisms, and it was not his fault his arm veritably shattered after that landing, it was Sitron who saw the snake and panicked after all! Yet he was the one who had to suffer this ignoble action. He did his best to flinch as little as possible when the soap hit his face to prove he was still an independent man. 

On a plus side, Mulan had very nice hands. 

Hans sighed finally and gave out a response. “Yes, I must consent I hate dirty hair.” He thought for a few seconds before speaking up again. “I suppose this is better than having one of my brothers do it. At least you have a delicate side.”


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     {❤}» “Hello, darling. I haven’t seen you around these parts before. Who are you?”


      “Well, truth be told I am actually very, very lost. I am Princes Hans of the Southern Isles. Who are you ma’am?”

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/// What? Who? Where? ME?!



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look, it's a box of heart shaped candy just for you. ♥♥♥♥♥



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